Pre-Med sites of interest

International Medical Volunteers Association
This site contains both Christian and non-religious affiliated medical mission experiences and who to contact for information. Follow "On volunteering" link, and the "How do I find the right Organization to volunteer with?" to get a list of volunteer agencies and their descriptions.

Information and services for premeds, medical students and residents

MCAT Preparation
Registration and Information

Kaplan Review site

DAT Application, Exam and Preparation

Medical School Application
AMCAS application site

Medical School Interview
Scroll down to "Interview Feedback"

PA sites of interest

PA Application (CASPA)

American Academy of Physician Assistants

Dental sites of interest

Dental Schools
Links to American Dental Society's listing of dental schools in U.S. and Canada

American Dental Education Association
Application service, scholarships, dental school list

ADHA - American Dental Hygiene Association

Dental Hygiene Programs
Programs approved by the American Dental Hygiene Association

American Dental Association

ISU Health Professions home page

Dentistry at Oregon Health Sciences University

Organizations of Health Colleges

American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
There is a list of AACOM schools on this site

American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine
This site has a list of the colleges for podiatric medicine

The American Dental Association

American Orthoptic Council

Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

American Physical Therapy Association
Lots of information on physical therapy and physical therapy schools

Worldwide Listing of Colleges and Universities